Thursday, 7 June 2012


1. Austin's full name: Austin Carter Mahone

2. Was born on April 4th 1996 on a Thursday at 10:14 am, he's only child

3. His mom, Michele Lee Mahone, his dad died when he was 16 months old, and his name was Carter

4. His best friends: Alex, Tyler, Robert, Zach, etc

5. ShootUsDown where it all started. it Austin and Alex' youtube channel.

6. Austin has 2 cats. Anthony and Romo.He use to has a dog, her name was Angel

7. His grandpa bought him, his very first guitar

8. His first single, 11:11 comes out on February 14th 2012, and his 2nd single comes out on iTunes on June 5th

9. He lived in San Antonio, Texas but then moved to Miami, florida

10. Austin's performing in Philly on May 22th, in NYC on June 22th and in LA in June 24th

Austin's dad

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  2. Can you put more facts like what is his fave stuff like food:pizza Animal:Tiger Gum:Mint Color:Red Like those Thank you for reading.!!:D

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    I would follow back.. I love you Austin

  4. I love u austin when I heard about u I looked the pics up and u look so hot and fine im going to be ur girlfriend

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  6. Austin I love you sooooooooo much...... I hope to meet you one day your such an inspiration to me........ MAHOMIE4LIFE <3