Thursday, 7 June 2012

Austin Mahone #Imagine

1. #Imagine Austin: Honey?| You: Yes?.. Austin: Baby?| You :Auuusty?| Austin: sorry i want to hear your beautiful voice ! ♥

2. #Imagine You:I have a BF |Dad:I wanna meet him|You:Dont freak ok?|Dad:Why would I fr-OMG! YOUR BF IS Austin Mahone *screams*|Austin: yup :)

3. #Imagine Grandma: Who's that cute girl on your phone?|Austin: my girlfriend :)[ur name]. she is so-|Michele: Get ready to hear all about her

4. #Imagine Austin: Im gonna nickname you google| You: Why? | Austin: Because your everything ive been searching for *he smiles*

5. #Imagine Teacher: Stop texting [your name] & focus, Austin!| Austin: Get back in your cage| Teacher: Excuse me?| Austin: Nothing!

6. #Imagine Austin posted a picture of you sleeping on twitter and tweets "shes so beautiful.. even when she sleeps"

7. #Imagine Robert: Katy Perry is so hot|Austin: I know[ur name]is *smiles dreamily*|Robert: Err, I said Kat- | Austin:shhh I know..|Robert:-_-

8. #Imagine Michele: Can I see your phone?| Austin: Hang on. *deletes all the sexy,flirty texts for and from you*

9. #Imagine Teacher: Who can explain to me what love is?| Austin: Me & (ur name) ;)

10. #Imagine Austin smiled at you and said: Your my girlfriend, my bestfriend, my favorite of all. I love you so much babe <3

11. #Imagine you were reading my imagine tweets & Austin creeped up behind you. he says: you dont need to imagine these, lets do it right now.

12. #Imagine you were watching the sea with Austin, your hair blowing around all over the place. He removed it from your face & kissed you

13. #Imagine Michele:Austin, are you studying or texting (ur name)? | Austin: Studying| Michele: Then hand me your phone.|Austin: Shit.

14. #Imagine Alex: Okay be quiet about (ur name) for at least 10 minutes| Austin: Alright.. my girl is so pretty and-| Alex: oh goshhh!

15. #Imagine You:Would you change anything about me?| Austin: Yep.|You: What? :O |Austin:Your last name. ;)

16. #Imagine Michele: YOU'RE GROUNDED! GO TO YOUR ROOM! | Austin: Where I can text, tweet, facebook, call (ur name)? Sure!

17. #Imagine Austin hacked your twitter and tweeted: "I love @AustinMahone he is the best boyfriend ever! :* <3


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